Kick Start My Heart



Today was the start of preparation for chemotherapy, beginning with a field trip to a cardiologist to have an echocardiogram. The first time I was diagnosed and began treatment, it was found that I suffered from Prolonged Q T Syndrome, a heinously inconvenient heart defect that causes serious arrhythmias when exposed to certain medications (i.e., every medicine you can think of, I can’t take).  So, my docs decided it was best to check on the ol’ ticker before they start pumping me full of poison next week.

My brother came along with me for the ride and we had our fun, making jokes and laughing as usual. I admit, even though it was a silly painless procedure, I got super anxious and shaky before we met up to leave. I imagine it wasn’t the act of going to the cardiologist that frightened me, but more so that this is day one of the journey. A journey I’d almost rather die than start again. Having him there as a distraction put my mind at ease, even though I was topless with a technician poking my chest with sonogram equipment while he was on the other side of the curtain watching a video of a sloth eating vegetables, lol. 

While the tech was taking pics for the test, he kept telling me to breathe in, then breathe out and don’t breathe in again. We did this several times and then he said, “Okay, you can breathe again.” All in all it was over in 15 minutes and then we were free to leave. It was only when we stepped out into the street, leaving the hospital behind, that I felt I could actually breathe again…


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