My name is Sara, I’m a born and raised New Yorker who survived Osteosarcoma once last year and have been dealt a recurrence that I vow to beat again.  This isn’t some touchy-feely, sugar-coated blog about how wonderful life is and how cancer is a “gift”.  This is about the down and dirty, nitty-gritty, real life dealings of a person struggling in her daily life and the feelings, emotions and thoughts that coincide along with it.  It’s a therapeutic diary, if you will.  A place where I need to come to let out all of  my fears and frustrations and the things that weigh heavily on my heart and mind.  It’s simply a documentation of my personal journey, for better or for worse.  If you think you are alone in your fight against osteosarcoma or cancer in general, this blog will show that I am right there with you.  This is my story…


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